File Submission Guidlines
Artwork with Provided Templates
File Formats: For VECTOR artwork, use Illustrator and save as either a PDF or an EPS. For RASTER or complex vector artwork, use Photoshop and save as a PDF or TIFF.
Sizing and Resolution
Some template files are scaled to half size. Leave as if you are working in Illustrator and only working with simple vector imagery. If working with raster photo imagery, save in Photoshop as a PDF or TIFF at full size at 72−125 dpi.
Convert all text to outlines and embed all images
We print digitally using a four-color process. All of the colors in your design will be printed on white material, so the colors you see in your print file are the colors we will print. For the most predictable results, use CMYK. RGB and Pantone colors may also be used, but are less likely to print as expected. For darkest blacks, use C50 M50 Y50 K100 or R1 G1 B1.  Please request a printed proof if you are color matching another print.
Your files will upload as your order on our site.  If the files are extremely large or an error occurs during upload, you can also use our FTP Server or our DropBox service.
For vector artwork, use Illustrator and save as either a PDF or an EPS at full size at 72−125 dpi. The print area will be the artwork that lays inside the art board boundaries. Anything outside of the art board will not print if saved as a PDF. For raster or complex vector artwork (e.g. gradients, shading, etc.), use Photoshop and save as a PDF or TIFF at full size at 72−125 dpi.
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